Shipping Policy

Means of delivery

The delivery of your order is carried out bycollaborating shipping companies for domestic and international deliveries. Ourcompany is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier,and, from that point on, the liability lies with the buyer subject to article524 GCC. A tracking number is provided for every shipment.

Please note that in case of bank deposit, as well asin the case of cash on delivery, our company retains ownership of the purchasedgoods until full and complete payment of the purchase price.

Time of delivery

The delivery time of your order is determined by itsfinalisation as well as the order confirmation e-mail received upon itscompletion.

Our company and its partners take all necessary stepsto ensure the timely delivery of the order to the buyer based on the basicdelivery schedule of each transportation company. We cannot guarantee neitherthe arrival time nor the exact delivery time of the ordered goods, as itdepends entirely on the transportation companies that we collaborate with. Ourcompany is not accountable for any delays caused by force majeure or unexpectedevents or events beyond its control. In the event of any delay, our companywill make every possible effort to contact you.

Pricing policy

You will be informed on shipping expenses of yourorder by email, since our e-shop is currently under construction.

Gift orders

You can order one or more gifts and send them to anyrecipient you wish within the European Union, simply by filling out therecipient's address and information in a special form on our website, so thatthe product can be delivered directly to him/her.

You can also order one or more gifts and receive themat your address. In such case, the invoice and the gift will be sentseparately.

When sending gift parcels to other recipients, makesure the recipient can receive gift parcels and that, generally, the gift willnot be considered undesirable for any reason, nor will it be rejected upondelivery, otherwise the product will be shipped to the billing address underthe responsibility and expense of the buyer.

Absence on delivery

If you are not at the delivery address to receive yourparcel at the time of delivery, the distributor will leave an information notewith instructions on how to collect your order. In this case, the risk of lossor damage of goods is transferred to the buyer, taking into account thevulnerability of goods. The distributor will attempt to deliver the goods up to2 times, otherwise the goods will remain in the distributor's premises underyour own responsibility and expense and under the carrier’s general terms ofstorage. In case you have asked to pay with cash on delivery and you have notcommunicated with our Support and Customer Service Department through theContact us section for the receipt of the goods within 3 days from the faileddelivery attempt to you, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Customs clearance and related costs/Various customs policies

i) Furthermore, please note that products deliveredoutside the European Union (EU) may be subject to custom clearance and relevantfees; the company cannot be held liable for any other costs that may be addedto these subject to different national legislations. We cannot know in advancewhat these charges may be; on the contrary, the consumer is in a betterposition to have knowledge or be aware of them or, at least, of the possibilityof their existence and, for this reason, we recommend you check thispossibility before placing an order on our website

ii) Each country has its own customs policy, so youshould first contact your local customs office for further information.Additionally, please bear in mind that you are considered the importer of goodsand must observe all laws and regulations of the country in which you arereceiving goods.