Oh..my Heroes! gogreek® Ouzo Miniature Collectors' Case

 Oh..my Heroes!  gogreek® Ouzo Miniature Collectors' Case Oh..my Heroes!

The gogreek “Oh... my HERO!” ouzo miniature collector’s case, member of the multi-awarded gogreek® – the collectibles, draws its inspiration from the Greek mythology and history.

The “Oh... my HERO!” Ouzo Miniature Line, member of The Collectibles series, designed exclusively for gogreek® by George Yonas, portrays six famous heros from the Greek Mythology and History, and are kept in a luxurious, handmade case. 


Proudly made in Greece with a lot of care!

Get to know them, love them and let them spread the Greek spirit around the world.

Enjoy it served with your favorite appetizer 

(preferably salted or acidic)

Goes great with pickles, olives, or salted preserves, such as sardines or smoked salmon.


Never drink ouzo alone! 

It is the only drink in the world one has to enjoy solely with friends: 

It has been proven that good company multiplies its anyway great taste.


You can drink it straight, with ice, cold water, or both. 

Experiment and decide on the taste you prefer most!

Note that ouzo is crystal clear in its original form, but it becomes opaque when you add water or ice.


Drink slowly and always stop when you start feeling dizzy.

Kindly send an email with your order to  sales@gogreek.gr

Six ouzo miniatures in a beautiful, handcrafted case, portraying six Greek heros:



Son of Zeus and Alcmene. Τhe centaur Chiron 
was his tutor. While still in his cot, he strangled

two snakes sent by Hera to kill him.

He successfully completed the Twelve Labours 

Eurystheus assigned him, 

joined the Argonauts, rescued Prometheus 

who was being punished by the Gods for stealing 

the fire and giving it to mortals, and

brought back Alcestis from the Underworld.

After his death, Zeus gave him a place on Mount Olympus.



King of Athens, son of Aegeus and Aethra.

Born in Troezen. In the quest to see his father Aegeus,

he killed all bandits who ravaged the way to Athens.

He slaughtered the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of Crete.

Under his ruling, Athens rose to glory. He united all the states

of Attica and divided his people into 

nobles, landowners, and creators.

He defeated the Amazons and the Centaurs.



King of the Myrmidons of Fthia.

Son of Peleus and Nereid Thetis,

student of the centaur Chiron.

The wrath of Achilles against Agamemnon

is the beginning of the epic Iliad of Homer.

His bravery and victories encouraged the Greeks.

Every part of his body was immortal, except from his heel.

With the help of Apollo, Paris pierced it with an arrow,

resulting in Achilles' death.



King of Ithaca, son of Laertes and Antikleia

Husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus.

The main hero in Homer's Odyssey.

He also had a key role in Iliad, as he designed the

Trojan Horse, which helped the Greeks conquer Troy.

After the end of the Tojan War, due to many misfortunes, 

he wandered the seas for ten years, 

before returning home to Ithaca and to his faithful wife, Penelope.



King of Sparta (540 BCE - 480 BCE)

He led the Greek forces against the Persian army 

at Thermopylae. «Molon Lave» (come and take them)

is what he said to the Persian King Xerxes 

when he asked him to put down his weapons.

He removed most greek troops from Thermopylae

and remained with only 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians.

They all fell heroically, obeying to the war traditions of Sparta.

Their death is an eternal symbol of heroism and patriotic self-sacrifice.


Alexander the Great

King of the Macedons.

Born: 356 BCE in Pella, Macedonia 

Died: 323 BCE in Babylon Persia

Son of Philip and Olympia.

His tutor was the great philosopher Aristotle.

He admired Achilles from Homer’s Iliad, and had

a very loyal horse, Bucephalus, which he loved dearly.

Led the Greeks in the campaign against the Persians,

conquered Asia Minor, Persia, India, Egypt, and spred 

the Greek culture and language throughout the ancient world. 



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