Oh..my Gods! gogreek® Playing Cards Deck Orange

Oh..my Gods! gogreek® Playing Cards Deck Orange Oh..my Gods!

The gogreek Playing Cards Deck, member of the multi - awarded gogreek – the collectibles, gogreek® "OH...my GODS!" line, draws its inspiration from the Greek mythology and history.

It is designed to be functional and educative by George Yonas.

Proudly made in Greece with a lot of care!

Get to know them, love them and let them spread the Greek spirit around the world.

 Besides the pocker game we all know, there are literally hundreds of card games you can enjoy with your new deck. You can search online for the most popular ones.

·  If you don’t have anybody to play with, don’t worry: there are more than 350 solitaire games you can pick from.

·  You can pack it easily in any kind of suitcase or travel bag, even your handbag, and be sure it doesn’t break. That makes it an ideal gift for friends back home. 

Kindly send an email with your order to  sales@gogreek.gr

OH...my GODS! gogreek® Playing Cards Deck, member of the multi-awarded gogreek – the collectibles.


The story of the contemporary playing cards deck

The deck origin is lost in the mists of time. The first playing cards, also playing the role of money, were believed to be invented in China (7th century). The deck’s contemporary form was created in Egypt (end of 13th century), during the age of the Mamluks. Today there are hundreds of deck types worldwide, but the most popular deck form (52 cards, 4 symbols―spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs) is considered to be French.


At first, the decks had only male figures: The Queen became permanent after the 15th century, while the Joker was added by the Americans in 1860.


In 1745 there was the first reversal design in the cards: before that, the players had to turn some cards around, in order to see which is which, thus giving away the card they were holding. Turning the cards around was no longer necessary after the mirror-like design, which is why this change was immediately adopted, although it limited more elaborated design options.


Playing cards games are divided in solitaires (1 player) and group games (2+ players). Today, there are written rules for more than 120 games and at least 350 different types of solitaires. 

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6.5 cm

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9 cm

95 gr 

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