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Its highest mountain, Olympus, was the one the Ancient Greek Gods had chosen as their residence, gracing generously the surrounding nature with abundance and beauty.

The blue of the Aegean Sea borders the slopes and beaches of Pelion. Apple trees, pear trees, walnut trees, hydrangeas and gardenias adorn the beautiful villages. In the forests lived the centaur Chiron and from the port of Volos (ancient Iolkos) Jason launched his journey with the Argonauts to fetch the Golden Fleece.

The Thessalian plain provides the wealth of the earth. Rivers and lakes of exceptional beauty, a variety of biotopes, traditional lodgings, historic villages, ski resorts, the huge rocks of Meteora offer a unique experience to the visitor. A truly blessed place.

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Deciduous and riverside forests, canyons, hiking trails, monuments & sites worth seeing, beautiful lacy beaches.

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Sausage & pepper stew

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Spetsofai is a Greek dish made with spicy sausages and green peppers. Its name derives from the words ‘spentza’ and ‘fai’, which mean ‘hot pepper’ and ‘food’. The original version is hot and spicy, enough to make your blood boil, perfect for Ares, the God of War! We mortals can make it as spicy as we like!   
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