Demeter gogreek® Keychain

Demeter gogreek® Keychain Gods!

The gogreek keychains, members of the multi - awarded gogreek – the collectibles, gogreek® " GODS!" line, draw their inspiration from the Greek mythology and history.

They are designed to be functional and educative by George Yonas.

Proudly made in Greece with a lot of care!

Get to know them, love them and let them spread the Greek spirit around the world.

  • Besides your keys, you can also use it as a décor for your bag.


  • Very lightweight, ideal for every key type, ever car keys.

  • You can pack it easily in any kind of suitcase or travel bag, even your handbag, and be sure it doesn’t break. That makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones back home. 

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Keychain, portraying Demetra, goddess of agriculture.

Member of the multi-awarded gogreek – the collectibles.


DEMETER (Latin: Ceres)

Goddess of agriculture (particularly cereals), harvest, fertility, nature and the seasons.

An incarnation of mother earth, solemn, gentle and mild.

Daughter of Titans Cronus and Rhea.

Her descent to the underworld to retrieve her daughter Persephone is connected to the cycle of life and death and the Eleusinian Mysteries. 

Greeks revered her, as she gave them the bread.

Symbols: Grain sheaf, cornucopia, narcissus, myrtle, saffron, cranes.


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