The Concept
gogreek® is a new idea materializing the inspiring vision to feature and spread the Greek Culture through a contemporary approach with main touchstones History Tradition and Mythology.

gogreek® the collectibles ouzo miniatures already multi-awarded for their label and design, are the brand’s most recognizable products and reflect the bright colors of Greece.Download our latest catalogue
NΕW BUSINESS FESTIVAL GRBossible 2017 (Athens, November 2017)
  • Gold Award in Tradition
  • Silver Award in Innovation
New Business Festival GRBossible, organized for the second consecutive year by, in a ceremony held in Athens, had two distinctions for the brand: Gold Award in Tradition for the use of traditional practices with contemporary methods for the promotion of the Greek traditional heritage and Silver Award in Innovation for the brand’s business idea on the integration of innovative techniques.
WORLDSTAR AWARDS 2017 (Dusseldorf, May 2017)
  • Award in Beverages
WPO (World Packaging Organisation), a non-profit, non-governmental Organization with national and international Packaging Institutes, Associations etc as members, evaluated 291 projects from 35 countries around the world, for the Worldstar Awards 2017. The participants had to be awarded in at least one national or international packaging competition in order to be eligible to participate. gogreek® is proud to have won the award in Beverages Category. (Dusseldorf, May 2017)
OLYMP DESIGN AWARDS 2016 (Athens, May 2016)
  • Bronze Award - Innovation for the Ouzo Miniatures
  • Silver Award - Overall Image for the Ouzo Miniatures
  • Gold Award - Label for the Ouzo Miniatures
  • Gold Award- Label for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mr. Farmer)
  • Gold Award - Label for the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mrs. Farmer)
  • Gold Award - Overall Image for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mr. Farmer)
  • Gold Award - Overall Image for the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mrs. Farmer)
Food and beverage quality and packaging competition.
PACKAGING INNOVATION 2016 (Athens, March 2016)
  • Gold Award in the Alcohol Category for the Ouzo Miniatures
The gogreek® - the collectibles / Ouzo Miniature Collections stood out for their design and packaging in this year’s ceremony.
EVGE AWARDS 2015 (Athens, April 2015)
  • Gold EVGE Award for the Illustration
  • EVGE Illustration Award for the creation of “gogreek® - the collectibles”
14th Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards. The Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (GGDA) bring together, evaluate and award Greece's best work in the sphere of visual communication.
ERMIS AWARDS 2015 (Athens, March 2016) (Athens, March 2016)
  • Bronze Award for gogreek® - the collectibles / Extra Virgin Olive Oils
For the Product Identity of gogreek® - the collectibles / Olive Oils. Mr and Mrs Farmer stood out for their design in this year’s awards ceremony that had the form of a festival and lasted 3 days. Ermis Awards, the only award for creativity in communication in Greece, are organized annually by the Association of Advertising & Communication Companies of Greece and constitute the leading event of the advertising and communication industry in our country.
FINAT International 2015 (Amsterdam, June 2015)
  • First Prize - Sleeve Applications
FINAT is the Europe-based association for the self-adhesive labeling industry. The award was given in the International Competition within the European Label Forum 2015.
LABELEXPO 2015 (Brussels, September 2015)
  • HP Indigo Excellence Award
The award was given to FORLABELS SA, gogreek®’s key partner, as one of the best companies in Europe to use the Hewlett Packard variable parameters for flexographic printing technology. Labelexpo Europe is the largest label event in the world. Launched in London in 1980, it moved to Brussels in 1985, where it has remained since.
LABELA Gold Label Awards 2015 (Athens, February 2015)
  • Honorary Distinction Award for the Ouzo Miniatures portraying Traditional Costumes
The award was given to the Ouzo Miniatures portraying Traditional Costumes from different regions of Greece, for their contribution in the promotion of the Greek Culture and Civilization. Contest within the 4th Package & Label Design Symposium on Innovation.