Artemis gogreek® Decorative Cushion Cover (45cmx45cm)

Artemis gogreek® Decorative Cushion Cover (45cmx45cm) Gods!
ARTEMIS (Latin: Diana)

  • Goddess of hunt wilderness, all animals, childbirth, moon, virginity. 
  • Young & fit,  during the day she run in the woods and at night rode her silver chariot across the skies.
  • Daughter of Zeus and Leto.
  • Twin sister of Apollo.
  • Never married and remained a virgin. 

Symbols: Bow and arrow, crescent, deer, hound.  

  • Put the pillows on your couch and if you see your friends smiling at their sight, then their mission is accomplished!
  • Find each design's story on our coasters or online on our website, narrate it to your friends and impress them with your knowledge on Greek tradition & Mythology.
  • If you have children, have them pick their favorite (preferably, one of the Gods). 
    Girls will probably love Aphrodite or Athena, and boys will pick AresZeus or Poseidon. Find their story online and build your own tale, along with your kids.

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The Artemis cushion cover portrays the Ancient Greek Goddess in on one side and the 12 Olympian Gods on the other. 

The materials used are safe and the fabric gives a satin feeling touc

Dimensions *





45 cm

0.5 cm

45 cm 

90 gr

17.7 inch

0.2 inch

17.7 inch

3.17 oz.

* The product is sent plain, without the pillow.

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